You Can’t Win Arguments Online

This is an interesting video.

When arguing online, I try to see the perspectives of others and see the holes in my own arguments.  That’s actually a big reason I engage in online discussions and am willing to be wrong – because I want to learn.

Many people lock in their beliefs though, and when they do, good luck connecting them with new information!



Is the Gender Pay Gap Real?

Do women earn only $0.77 to each $1.00 a man makes?

Is this pay gap figure a work of cherry-picked statistics that ignores career choices?

Here’s a video that digs a little deeper into the issue:

Basically, the gender pay gap can not be so easily simplified.  The $0.77 to $1.00 figure definitely overlooks many finer points in the pay gap.  It’s a difficult number to justify.

There certainly is a pay gap to some degree though.

A Welcome Message

Welcome to mind.your.belief.

This blog will explore various beliefs that are questionable or seriously flawed.  Religious beliefs, political beliefs, and social beliefs are all fair game here.  Hopefully the content of this blog will engage readers to think more critically about the things they believe.

I previously ran the blog “Christianity Simplified” but I have been running low on both material and interest in keep it active.  I also have been branching out in my online discussions into areas of politics, feminism and veganism – among others.

I hope this blog will present a decently-balanced look at the topics that are discussed.

Comments from all points of view are welcome.  Your first comment to the blog will be subject to moderation in order to prevent spam.  I hope not to moderate any further, but will do so in extreme cases.  If I do, I aim to be transparent in my reasonings for it.