What if Feminism cared about men too?

“Men are suffering.  They have different problems than women have, but they don’t have it better.” ~Norah Vincent, a woman who lived as a man for 18 months

Watch a video of the full story here:

And yes, I am aware that there is some talk of men’s problems within Feminism.  It’s not too often I hear about them though.  It’s a shame.  A more equal focus on men’s issues could very well help toward resolving the female gender issues that Feminism often seems to be one-sidedly focused on.

Condescending Feminist attitudes impede equality

Feminism tends to be increasingly criticized these days.  Many Feminists will tell you it’s because people, mainly white men, don’t like losing their privilege.  To some extent, it makes sense.  The trouble is, doubling down on this idea seems to be a fairly common thing among feminists.  It can turn away potential allies and likely encourages more criticism and stronger opposition to the movement.  It also seems to shift credibility in favour of less progressive viewpoints, which likely slows down movement toward equality.

It also comes across as hypocritical.  Attempting to silence and belittle critics in the same sort of way that women have have faced silencing and belittling doesn’t seem to be a wise way of reducing silencing and belittling behaviour.  It’s probably not a good idea to try to normalize that sort of behaviour, but many Feminists don’t quite seem to understand that.

But don’t take it from me, I’m just a white-skinned man who doesn’t want to see my privilege taken away!

Here is an article that goes a little deeper into the troubles of Feminist “snark”:

Equality vs Equity? Think again.


In the second example, everyone is given the same view, so it is also a form of equality.

Also, the second example is not fairness in every situation because not everyone has fair access to a box. What if tall guy wants to sit down for a minute between innings? Poor tall guy!

This kind of definition twisting is something to be aware of when it comes to equality movements for particular groups of people.

Internet Feminism Has Lost the Plot

I’m all for improving equality.  Unfortunately, it seems that modern feminism has gone off-track, lost the plot, jumped the shark … I’ve seen suggestions along the lines of “if men don’t like it, it’s good feminism”.

Well guess what?  Rationally-thinking women can see the problems of the current feminist talking points too.

Modern feminism seems to have moved beyond being a social movement and is now strengthening its position as a belief system.

This is why we see people distancing themselves from feminism these days, something Emma Watson was wondering about in her speech to the UN:

Emma Watson seems to understand what feminism is supposed to be about.