False Ideologies and Message Control

I was on a feminist blog the other day responding to some questionable material, as I tend to do when I encounter questionable material on any subject.

It was a post regarding prostitution.  I am of the belief that legalization and control of such business as prostitution and drugs would be beneficial in reducing organized crime and bringing those who have been sucked into drug use or prostitution more opportunity to find the connections they need so they can escape the destruction that can come from being involved in these areas.

So, I was surprised that no one was responding to my criticism of the post.  I went back today and found that my post had been edited and the blog owner and a follower or two were posting slanderous comments directed at me, accusing me of claiming I had  solicited a prostitute.

This sort of behaviour seems to be common of those who have closed themselves off into a group that only supports one way of thinking.

I’ve seen the same sort of message-control utilized several times.  Politics is ripe with it, and some religious-based viewpoints seem to breed it as well.

Typically, this behaviour accompanies flawed viewpoints where the followers of such viewpoints don’t want to have their community bubble burst.  I think it could even be considered a form of tribalism.

Nonetheless, beware of those communities that engage with these tactics.  If you value finding the truth of matters, criticism and questioning are very important.

3 thoughts on “False Ideologies and Message Control

  1. I just saw that. I can’t believe he closed down the conversation like that and no-one objected. I think your views are fairly foul on this topic (based on what you wrote previously) but I’d be more interested in discussing it with you than removing your opinion.

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    1. It is definitely a topic I am still building my understanding of and it is a more delicate topic, so it’s to be expected that I may be off-base at times. My strengths lean more toward hard logic than toward being people-oriented. I do want to be called out when I am off-base though, I find it’s a great way to refine my thinking on a topic and to help me learn how to word things in a less triggering manner.


  2. I have found (in my online travels) that certain varieties of feminist (namely radical feminists) are quite quick at shutting down conversations that don’t run in accordance with their views – to the point where other feminist (including other radical feminists I’m sure) are shouted down.

    What then happens is that Social Justice Warriors (is there a more stupid idea?) jump on board, pointing at radical feminists and making them out to be representative of all feminists, which is untrue and unfair.

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