Internet Feminism Has Lost the Plot

I’m all for improving equality.  Unfortunately, it seems that modern feminism has gone off-track, lost the plot, jumped the shark … I’ve seen suggestions along the lines of “if men don’t like it, it’s good feminism”.

Well guess what?  Rationally-thinking women can see the problems of the current feminist talking points too.

Modern feminism seems to have moved beyond being a social movement and is now strengthening its position as a belief system.

This is why we see people distancing themselves from feminism these days, something Emma Watson was wondering about in her speech to the UN:

Emma Watson seems to understand what feminism is supposed to be about.


You Can’t Win Arguments Online

This is an interesting video.

When arguing online, I try to see the perspectives of others and see the holes in my own arguments.  That’s actually a big reason I engage in online discussions and am willing to be wrong – because I want to learn.

Many people lock in their beliefs though, and when they do, good luck connecting them with new information!


Jesus and Right Wing Politics

In North America, it seems as though a majority of those who consider themselves to be Christians tend to support right wing political parties – yet right wing stances typically oppose Jesus’ teachings.

Here’s a video of Jesus reading some quotes from right wing politicians in the US:

A significant part of the problem seems to be the lack of effort people put into properly understanding and following their own religion.

Is the Gender Pay Gap Real?

Do women earn only $0.77 to each $1.00 a man makes?

Is this pay gap figure a work of cherry-picked statistics that ignores career choices?

Here’s a video that digs a little deeper into the issue:

Basically, the gender pay gap can not be so easily simplified.  The $0.77 to $1.00 figure definitely overlooks many finer points in the pay gap.  It’s a difficult number to justify.

There certainly is a pay gap to some degree though.